Most popular questions

A Recovery Coach is someone who uses strengths-based approaches for people suffering from addictions or in recovery from alcohol, drugs, codependency and/or other addictive behaviours. We are all recovering from something. As your Recovery Coach, I will help you on your journey in recovery by working on the WHOLE being, including body, mind, emotions and spirit. Together, we look at changing your relationship to the addictive substance and/or behaviour, getting healthy and living a better life. Everyone comes into recovery with a different idea of what they want to achieve. A Recovery Coach helps you to identify and create a personalized action plan with your goals, schedule and a healthier lifestyle in mind.

This entirely depends on the client! Everyone brings something different to the table. As a coach, I spend the time getting to know you so we can build trust, and better assist you in boosting your strengths to help you overcome your challenges together. All coaching sessions are tailored to the client so a session is not a one size fits all experience. You come to me with your own struggles, learning style, goals and personality. Openness and honesty is vital to help us learn what works for you and what doesn’t. So, feedback is key!

  • Change thought patterns and behaviours that are no longer serving you
  • Set achievable and realistic goals
  • To find balance and wellness in your life
  • Increase resources and options for change, learning and growth
  • Healthy pleasure from achieving and fulfilling your needs, wants and goals
  • Find stability emotionally, mentally and physically
  • Gain meaningful and trusting relationships
  • Ultimately have a better relationship with yourself
  • A coaching conversation increases your understanding of what is happening in and around you
  • Taking responsibility for your choices and your life
  • Gain a better understanding of your wants and needs
  • Expands belief and courage within yourself
  • Become attuned to the strength and the more than capable being you have inside of you to define your goals and the action steps you need to take to achieve them

The questions I like to ask are these:

1) Are you ready? Most people know deep down if it’s the right time for change

2) Are you continuing to say yes to destructive behaviours?

Maybe you’re just starting to become concerned about your drinking, maybe you have been successful at stopping, but struggle to REMAIN sober OR maybe you have been sober for a period of time, but have trouble staying engaged in the recovery process.

A Sober Coach is a great place to start where you can evaluate your needs, especially when you’re not sure of what help you might need! This is why I encourage the discovery call process – reach out! And we can talk about how to start changing your life one step at a time.