I can help you rediscover passions, develop greater resiliency and redefine your relationship with yourself.

I wish I had a coach sooner (eventually I did get a coach, and she changedmylife.), but, believe me, I had to learn how to recover the hard way, and I want it to be easier for you.

So I’m here to show you how!

I got into coaching because of my own past experiences, traumas and misfortunes. I am a big believer that our experiences in life are meant to help others.

In 2016, my body gave up on me. I woke up unable to move. I was taken to hospital where I was diagnosed with Alcohol Neuropathy – I was paralyzed, powerless over my own body. I had lost my humanity, I had lost my soul. I had a decision to make – get help, or lose my life. 

I have always wanted to help others, but the reality was (for a long time), that I needed to help myself first. I have struggled with addiction, anxiety, depression, physical and mental disabilities, and poor self-esteem throughout my life and helping other women overcome those same difficulties is one of the most rewarding things I have done.

At 3 years sober, I had my first breakthrough after I worked with my own coach. I had hit a wall in my recovery, my life and my self-improvement. I needed help. I needed guidance. After working with her, it became clear to me that this is what I whole heartedly wanted to do with my life. I wanted to help others live a life free from the grasps of the unconscious mind.

At 5 years sober, I decided to become certified in Recovery Coaching and then began my journey into the coaching world and became certified in Life Coaching and Personal Development Coaching.

Today, working as a coach has given me the most fulfilling career I could have asked for. 

And I can’t wait to work with you!


I want my clients to know that…

The most important thing in this relationship is your fulfillment, your growth, how you progress and authenticity. 

As your coach, I am always making sure that our time together is genuine and aligned with your values, needs and goals. 

I cherish sharing who I am. Being authentic and vulnerable lets you know that I too am on my own personal development journey along with you. 

Trust is the most crucial part of the relationship. It allows for open communication, which leads to a deeper understanding and connection between coach + client.

This is what I genuinely strive for with every client who works with me. 

Sarah Glassman

Credentials & Experience