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Sobriety coaching To help women heal from addiction

Hi! I'm

Sarah Glassman

I’m the CEO and founder of Soul Recovery – I provide top coaching methods for women healing from the trauma of addiction .

As a Sober Coach, I provide invaluable support for my clients who are trying to overcome destructive behaviours.  I help guide you to make healthier decisions, with the number one priority being your addiction recovery.


Meet Sarah

At twenty-five (25) years old, my body gave up on me. I woke up unable to move and was rushed to the hospital. There, I was diagnosed with severe alcohol neuropathy – The amount of alcohol I had been consuming over the years shut my body down. I was paralyzed, unable to walk or use any part of my body. I had lost my humanity, I had lost my soul. For months I had no hope, for I could not even begin to understand the impact of the things I was going through. I was relearning how to be human again, to walk, to eat, to bathe myself and to feel. The whole experience was surreal to be honest. I had a very slim chance of a full recovery. One day, I did a “thumbs up” to my Mom. It was the first thing I could do on my own, and from then on everything changed. I started to feel hopeful. A

Empowerment, Love & Healing

Areas of

Coaching Focus

  • Achievement of personal and recovery goals
  • Improved relationships, including internal / external
  • Increased accountability and connection
  • Improved self-awareness and perspective 
  • Growth within yourself, your recovery and your life
  • Better systems in place for relapse prevention
  • Enhanced development of understanding feelings and what drives them
The Blog

Alive & Kicking In Recovery

This blog comes from my experiences in life – the pits and the peaks. Living sober has taught me the basics of living a responsible, fulfilling life. Having accountability and people to share my thoughts and feelings with is such an important part of my recovery today.


My latest E-WorkBook for personal growth –

Identifying, Improving & Developing

A simple guide for the goal setting process and exercises aimed to help you identify, plan and set your goals!


“Sarah is a wonderful counsellor and coach! She supported me through some personal development work, and really understands and empathizes. She was the voice I needed, reminding me to be gentle with myself and was available when I needed to connect with her. Wonderful human with lots to offer!”

“Sarah offers everything you would want in a recovery coach; intelligence, compassion and insight that only comes with lived experience. She understands what it’s like to feel at our lowest point. And, she knows how to help with healing and a renewed and lasting sense of value and purpose. I highly recommend Sarah’s services to anyone who is struggling with addiction, or is simply ready to live a more self-aware, rewarding life.”

“Sarah, I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with you. You’re such a supportive coach! I came to you when I wasn’t sure what to do with the rest of my life. I had an idea, but wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. But you never doubted me for a second! Through the months we spent together, you consistently reminded me that I was worth it and provided me with all the necessary resources and tools to make my dream come true. And it worked! I’m now 8 years clean and sober and running my own business, and I’m present with my kids, my partner, and, most importantly, myself. There are not enough words in this world to describe how grateful I am for you and Soul Recovery!”